So as you should know Bills fans are very passionate and intense about their team.  Or maybe you already know that?  But either way, I feel like this week has been a blur since the Miami game.  I mean, how does this always happen to us?  I don’t understand.  I want to act like it’s a bad dream after the Chief’s game before this one, however it’s not.  It’s not fair, but then again is life ever for a team with a fan base that is ever so faithful to their team.

I was so ready to give up, because of how bad it hurt to see them crushed like that.  I mean what was even worse was my friend that is a Phins fan tell me they played like crap and it wasn’t bad reffing.  And I told him there were at least 3 calls against Buffalo that shouldn’t of been made.  Even the NFL Network had it listed as one of the worst reffing in history.

Anyways, I will be in Buffalo in a week at the Jets game hoping we can regain the momentum.  And man its been over a year since I have been there.  I miss it so much, however everything happens for a reason.  So maybe it was meant to be for me to be here.  I mean I go to this awesome bar in Raleigh, Buffalo Brothers and watch the game every week.  And no one can explain what a Bills fan is to someone that isn’t one.  It’s more of an experience thing, it cannot be put in words.  I already have converted my gf here to one.  Even though she won’t admit it!  😛

By the way here is my link for this contest I entered for sexiest Buffalo Bills fan.